Promote the ideals of USALacrosse in Connecticut and the growth of the sport

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Connecticut Chapter of

US Lacrosse

Youth Lacrosse Leadership Conference

Date:               Sunday November 15, 2015

Time:               12:30pm-3:30pm

Place:              Trumbull Marriot, 180 Hawley Lane, Trumbull, CT 06611

Directions:       Exit 52 of the Merritt Parkway, Trumbull, CT



Activity/Event/Key Points


12:30 pm


Meeting Begins


10 min




10 min


CT Chapter Activities and Events – 2015


10 min


CT Chapter Initiatives

·         Diversity & Inclusion

·         Awareness & Visibility

·         Coaches Education

·         Umpire & Referee Recruitment, Retention, and Training

·         Membership


15 min


Constituent Services Budget

Phil, Ryan

40 min


Sports Development and Best Practices

·        CT Chapter Initiatives

·        Coaches education/training requirements

·        Learn to Play

·        Promoting the game

·        Positive Coaching Alliance

·        CT Chapter Support

·        Grants – USL and CT Chapter

Phil with comments

10 min




30 min


Community Partnerships

·        Dick’s Sporting Goods

·        New England Black Wolves

·        Fundraising

Phil with comments

30 min


Umpire Recruitment, Training and Retention

Phil with comments

10 min


CT Chapter Events

  • Hall of Fame – November 21st
  • CEP Level 1 – Nov. 22nd – North Branford
  • CEP Level 2 – December 12th – Cheshire
  • CT Youth Coaches Clinic – March
  • CEP – Winter 2016

Phil with comments

15 min


Meeting Decisions and Points of Action

Phil with comments

3:30 pm


Meeting Ends



Connecticut Chapter of US Lacrosse

Youth Lacrosse Leadership Conference

Date:               Sunday November 15, 2015

Time:               12:30pm-3:30pm

Place:              Trumbull Marriot, 180 Hawley Lane, Trumbull, CT 06611

Directions:       Exit 52 of the Merritt Parkway, Trumbull, CT


US Lacrosse

Ryan Larkum

CT Chapter

Phil Schneider

Rich Heritage

Mitchell Felton

Mike Scanlan (WCLOA)

Bill Glenn


Rich Greenwood


Heather Iaderosa


Nate Carlson


Greg Roberts

Rich McCaffrey


Steve Hinchey


Rachel Smith – Hall Neighborhood House

Dan LaBreck – Dick’s Sporting Goods

Rich Lisk – New England Black Wolves

I.      Introductions and Goals

a.    Provide a forum to connect different lacrosse organizations in Connecticut.

b.    Allow organizations the opportunity to share problems, solutions and best practices

c.    Information should be shared with local league organizations (LLO) and specific actions from the meeting should be implemented

II.            Review of Chapter Activities, Events and Initiatives (attached)

III.           Review of Constituent Services Budget

a.    Meeting held in August with constituent groups

b.    Budget submitted to US Lacrosse by September 1st

c.    Outlined CT Chapter Expenses, Revenue and Reserves

d.    Chapter is requesting over $37,000 from USL for programs and services

e.    Budget has not been approved at the time of the meeting

IV.          Discussion related to Sports Development and Best Practices

a.    Learn to Play Program

                                          i.    New initiative from US Lacrosse

                                         ii.    Training for parents and coaches with virtually no knowledge of lacrosse

                                        iii.    Clinics will run for 3 hours and cover the basics of the game of lacrosse

                                       iv.    Attempt to educate parents and recruit new coaches

                                        v.    CT Chapter will have their own trainers who will attend a training at USL Convention and then begin to offer Learn to Play Clinics in February and March.

                                       vi.    Suggestion to break Learn to Play clinics into modules (possibly 45-60 minutes) to attempt to engage more parents in the training.

                                      vii.    Suggestion made to provide the training on-line (webinar) to reach a greater audience

b.    Umpire Training and Recruitment

                                          i.    Question about fees for training the junior officials

1.    US Lacrosse has set fees for umpire training, but some programs will supplement the costs for their junior umpires

2.    Programs can work together to locate sites for training to offset costs

                                         ii.    Utilizing Arbiter to assign umpires

1.    CONNY uses Arbiter, CVYL is attempting to implement, and NECLAX does not use Arbiter to assign umpires

2.    NECLAX uses League Athletics site to share information about junior umpires that other towns can access.

                                        iii.    Discussion about rule adaptations for different leagues and level of play

c.    Promoting the Game

                                          i.    Established programs partnering with emerging programs to help to develop players

                                         ii.    Partnerships with outside organizations – NE Black Wolves, Dick’s

                                        iii.    Make the game fun for all participants

d.    Grants – USL and CT Chapter – information can be found on

                                          i.    Soft Stick

1.    Three recipients – Amistad Academy, Hall Neighborhood House, Naugatuck YMCA

2.    Program introduces lacrosse into Physical Education curriculum

3.    20 sets of sticks, balls and curriculum

4.    Non-gender specific training

                                         ii.    First Stick

1.    Three recipients – Bridgeport Central HS (boys), Hartford Public HS (boys), Rockville HS (girls)

2.    Program assists programs by providing equipment and training for coaches

3.    Two year commitment

4.    Equipment is gender specific

                                        iii.    Diversity & Inclusion

1.    No recipients this year

2.    Program assists under-represented lacrosse populations

3.    Focus on located programs to benefit from this program

                                       iv.    CT Chapter Grants

1.    Grants awarded bi-annually

2.    Two recipients – New London Youth Lacrosse, Chapter 126 Sports & Fitness Wheelchair Lacrosse Program

3.    Grants committee reviews requests in September and January

e.    Community Partnerships

                                          i.    Dick’s Sporting Goods – looking to combine efforts with existing programs to grow game

1.    Dick’s Days to support local lacrosse organizations

2.    Coach’s Clinics

3.    Youth Lacrosse Clinics

4.    Sponsorship

                                         ii.    New England Black Wolves – looking to do more in community to promote box lacrosse

1.    Appointed Director of Lacrosse to assist with outreach

2.    Box Lacrosse Clinics for players and coaches

3.    Availability of players and coaches for clinics and appearances

4.    Development of Junior Black Wolves Indoor Team

5.    Fundraising – ticket sales

V.            Meeting Decisions and Action Items

a.    Learn to Play – find trainers and promote program

b.    Umpire Training – provide support to promote training and locate on-field training sites

c.    Grant Exposure – increase awareness through emails and website. Ensure that LLO know about grant opportunities

d.    Corporate Partnership – continue to investigate and develop partnerships to help to grow the game of lacrosse in CT


Meeting adjourned: 3:35pm


CT Chapter Activities, Events and Initiatives 2015

·         Chapter Meetings – monthly – November, December, January, February, March

·         Election of New President and Board Members – January

·         Created CT Chapter Facebook and Twitter Accounts

·         Initiated new financial procedures and accounting (Quickbooks and new accountant)

·         Created new email addresses for potential interns and Hall of Fame candidates

·         Activities and Events

·         Hall of Fame Inductions and Dinner – January 31st (and Silent Auction)

·         Youth Lacrosse Leadership Meeting – February 22nd – New England Blackwolves Game – Mohegan Sun

·         Youth Coaches Clinic – March 8th

·         Coaches Education Programs – Level 1 – Trumbull March 1st, New Canaan March 8th

·         Women’s National Tournament – May 28th – CT Chapter teams – held try-outs at Cheshire Academy and two teams competed in tournament at Lehigh University

·         Girls Super Junior Game – June 18th – Cheshire Academy

·         Northeast Region Chapter President Summit – June 28th – Gillette Stadium

·         Youth Lacrosse Clinic – August 5th New London Recreation Summer Camp – utilized money from Diversity and Inclusion grant; received gift certificated from Dick’s for equipment, purchased and donated 40 sticks to New London Youth Lacrosse organization

·         Awareness and Visibility Initiative

·         Purchases tent, flag and table covering with CT Chapter logo

·         Attended CONNY Tournament, NECLAX Tournament and Celebrate East Lyme Day to distribute promotional items and US Lacrosse information

·         CT Chapter Grant Awards

§  New London Youth Lacrosse

§  Chapter 126 Sports & Fitness Wheelchair Lacrosse Program

·         AED Grant Recipient – Danbury Youth Lacrosse

·         Soft Stick Grant Recipient –

·         Amistad Academy (Elementary/Middle) New Haven

·         Hall Neighborhood House (Bridgeport)

·         Naugatuck YMCA - Naugatuck

·         First Stick Grant Recipients –

§  Bridgeport Central High School – boys

§  Hartford Public High School – boys

§  Rockville High School - girls

·         US Lacrosse Girls All-America Selection Committee

·         US Lacrosse Foundation – “Game On, Pass it On Campaign” participant – t-shirts

·         US Lacrosse Women’s U19 National Team Sponsorship – Caroline Zaffino

·         Supported umpire training and mentoring

CT Chapter Activities, Events and Initiatives 2015

Update – Fourth Quarter (October-December)

·         Meeting with First Stick and Soft Stick Recipients to support process and ensure implementation of programs

·         Bridgeport Central High School – First Stick – Scott Smith

·         Hartford Public High School – First Stick – Genna Waldvogel

·         Hall Neighborhood House (Bridgeport) – Soft Stick – Rachel Smith

·         Amistad Academy (Elementary/Middle) New Haven – John Krause

·         Meeting with other organizations to promote the growth of lacrosse

·         Bridgeport Youth Lacrosse – Don Wilson & Rich Greenwood

·         Capital Prep (Elementary/Middle) Hartford – Lee Mascolo

·         Inner City Lacrosse – Michael Gary

·         Chapter 126 (Wheelchair Lacrosse) – Paul Weiland

·         New London Youth Lacrosse – Chelsea Phillips and Adam Grillo

·         Youth Lacrosse Leadership Conference – Trumbull Marriot – November 15th

·         Invited representatives from US Lacrosse, Chapter Board, youth leagues, officials, grant recipients and community partners to meet and discuss Chapter initiatives and the ways that organizations can support each other to continue to grow lacrosse in Connecticut.

·         Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony and Dinner – November 21st

§  Inducted five new members to Hall of Fame

·         Reid Campbell – New Canaan and Washington & Lee

·         Bill Condon – Conard Head Coach

·         Jeff Hacker – Wilton and Brown

·         Cari Hills – New Canaan and Cornell

·         Steve Hinchey – CLOA and Glastonbury Youth Lacrosse

·         Nearly 150 guests

·         Silent auction with donations from local college programs

·         Coaches Education Program

·         Level 1 – North Branford – November 22nd – 26 Men’s and 20 Women’s

·         Level 2 – Cheshire – December 12th