Promote the ideals of USALacrosse in Connecticut and the growth of the sport

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CT Chapter of US Lacrosse Meeting Minutes

Wednesday February 11th, 6:30-8:30 PM

East Lyme High School, 30 Chesterfield Road, East Lyme, CT

Present: Rich Heritage, Phil Schneider, Mitchell Felton, Mike Scanlan, Bill Glenn, Ralph Mayo, Drew McElroy, Steve Beaulieu, Mark Duclos, Al DiVincentis, Ken Roberts, Tim Swenson, Liz Mosher

Meeting Called to Order at 6:50pm

1.    Hall of Fame Banquet Re-cap

·         Hall of Fame Committee met on Tuesday February 10th to discuss the HoF Banquet

·         Committee members agreed that HoF Banquet was best that they have had to this point.

·         New this year was a Silent Auction proposed and managed by Mitch Felton. Suggestion was made to continue for next year and build on the success. Silent Auction raised nearly $600 for Chapter. There is a need to identify a cause to support for the Silent Auction.

·         Committee also agreed that Aldario’s was a suitable location for HoF Banquet and are looking for a date in mid-November for next year’s banquet.

·         Concerns were raised about make up of the HoF Committee and a proposal was made to add another female member to committee, as well as, a few other former coaches and HoF inductees.

·         Concern was also raised about the pool of applications for the HoF. Rob Hoynes expressed a need to locate more players who are worthy of the HoF.

·         The committee also recommended that the inductees should have a vote in the process. It was not determined how this would work, but the committee agreed that the inductees need to be more involved in the HoF selection.

·         Concern was also raised about the HoF application. Phil is working on an on-line form to make the process easier to share with committee members and easier for people to nominate for the HoF.

·         Committee was also concerned about seating chart for the event and is looking into some on line options to make this process easier.

·         Committee also discussed locating a full time administrative assistant to help to manage the logistics for the HoF.

2.    CT Chapter Grant Applications

·         Mark Duclos reported that there are presently three grant applications under consideration

·         New London Youth Lacrosse, Progression Lacrosse, and Chapter 126 Sports & Fitness Wheelchair Lacrosse Program

·         The committee will meet shortly to discuss the applications

3.    Committee Appointments

·         The following committee appointments were made and committee responsibilities were discussed.

·         Phil will begin to push items to the committees as they come in.

·         Committees will report at next Chapter meeting on their progress.

·         Some committee responsibilities will overlap, but the Chapter will use the USL committee definitions to begin.

a.    Coaches Education –Al, Ralph, Liz, Drew

b.    Events – Mike, Laudy

c.    Communication – Randy, Drew

d.    Fundraising - Mitch

e.    Sportsmanship – Al, Ralph, Liz, Mike, Bill

f.     Marketing – Drew, Mitch

g.    Participation – Randy, Bill

h.    Hall of Fame – Rob Hoynes

i.      Grants (Chapter) – Mark Duclos

4.    Program Challenges – How can the Chapter assist?

·         Ken Roberts and Tim Swenson represented NECLAX and expressed ways that the Chapter can assist

·         Help with continuing to grow programs in area and state. New programs (i.e. New London, Griswold, and Montville) are developing in area and CT Chapter can and should be a resource to make sure that these programs can be sustained.

·         Umpire Training, Recruitment and Retention. This is an initiative for CT Chapter, but concerns about continuity of training program on the boys side and recruitment of officials on both boys and girls side are main concerns for NECLAX.

·         Continuance of CEP training. CT Chapter is committed to CEP training and has offered programs in the area. May look for a Level 2 program next year. PCA is also available and East Lyme is scheduling a clinic for the spring.

5.    Youth Lacrosse Leadership Conference – February 22nd – Mohegan Sun

·         Youth leadership from leagues (CONNY, CVYL, CVGYL, NECLAX and LOAs) will attend conference at Mohegan Sun. Attendees will be guests at New England Black Wolves game and meeting will take place after game.

·         This has been a successful event on the girls side for the past two years.

6.    Youth Coaches Clinic – March 8th – Albertus Magnus

·         Rich and Phil are working to put together presenters and schedule for coaches clinic

·         Clinic was attended by over 80 coaches last year

·         Board members will be needed on the day of the event

·         Clinic information and registration is posted on Chapter website

7.    Visibility and Awareness Campaign

·         Items to be purchased to help to promote the Chapter

·         Events need to be identified (summer tournaments)

·         Suggestion made to develop “bullet points” to give to parents to let them know what their membership fee to US Lacrosse is doing for them and their child

a.    US Lacrosse Foundation – T-Shirt Campaign

b.    CT Chapter Tent, Flag, and Table Skirt – Impact Canopy

c.    CT Chapter Promotional Items

8.    Risk Management – Policies and Procedures

·         Time did not allow for a rich discussion on this topic

·         Phil had done some training at the USL Convention and wanted to share that organizations should have well defined policies in place to limit their liabilities

·         More discussion on this topic will take place at Leadership Conference

9.    Housekeeping

a.    CEP Level 1 – March 1st – Trumbull

b.    CEP Level 1 – March 8th - New Canaan

10. New Business – no new business was discussed

Meeting adjourned at 8:45pm

Next Meeting – Monday March 9, 2015, 6:30pm, Hopkins School, New Haven