Promote the ideals of USALacrosse in Connecticut and the growth of the sport

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CT Chapter of US Lacrosse Meeting Minutes – Monday, December 1st, 6:30 PM

Cheshire HS, 525 South Main St, Cheshire, CT

Officer’s Reports

  • No officer’s reports were given. Information was covered in Committee Reports

President & Treasurer’s Report – Rich Heritage

Secretary’s Report - OPEN

VP Women’s Report – Phil Schneider

VP Men’s Report – OPEN


Committee Reports

Training and Education – Rich Heritage 

      USL CEP Level I Clinics

Suffield, CT – Boys/Girls, Saturday, Feb 21st – contact Will Morris

Trumbull, CT – Boys/Girls, Sunday, Mar 1st  - contact Ted Chase

Other tentative location, New Canaan (?)  - contact Mary Cuoco

  • Suffield CEP is cancelled because a location could not be found
  • Trumbull and New Canaan are still being scheduled
  • Finding locations for CEP trainings, still continues to be an issue
  • Looking for other locations for Spring 2015
  • Deadline for submitting Hosting Application is December 1st but can be extended
  • CT Chapter will subsidize costs for registration and will pay any facility fee
  • RHAM Middle School (Hebron) hosted a Level 2 on November 16 – 30 Women’s Coaches and 17 Men’s coaches attended.

            Connecticut Coaches Clinic – Early March 2015

  • Clinic is tentatively scheduled for Sunday March 8th at Albertus Magnus
  • More information was discussed in Break Out session

Hall of Fame Update – Saturday, January 31streport by Rob Hoynes

  • Information is posted on CT Chapter website (
  • Aldario’s Restaurant, Milford – 5:00-10:00pm
  • $60/person - $500/table of 10
  • Inductees: David Curry, Lisa Lindley, Deb Martin, Paul McNulty, Matt Russell, Katie Woods, Lee Zink
  • HOF Committee is looking for new members and is looking for former players who can be honored by the committee
  • Nominations for Class of 2015 deadline is in June

Super Junior Reports – Phil (Girls) & Rich (Boys) – Status moving forward – No report given


New Businessbreakout sessions to discuss topics below. Participants were asked to choose a topic below to discuss what had been done in the past and ways to improve going forward


Official recruitment, training and retention – Rich Heritage

  • Realize that this has been an ongoing issue in the Chapter
  • Communication about training opportunities has been a problem
  • Chapter can advertise/post training opportunities on website for WCLOA, CLOA and CWLOA
  • Consistency in rules and expectations for umpires was also identified as a problem
  • Different leagues are using variations of the rules provided by USL
  • Chapter can assist by hosting rules interpretation meetings between LOAs and Leagues
  • Recruitment:
  • Discussion about scheduling Winter classroom training sessions for college students
  • Identified problem with contacting potential umpires about training because there is no reliable database and most college students are not USL members
  • Potential umpires from coaching parents whose children are no longer playing at youth or high school level but still want to be involved in sport
  • Discussion about on-line training for umpires who cannot attend a classroom session
  • Discussion about incentives for umpires who recruit a new umpire who makes it through their first year.
  • Also grants for new umpires to make the initial costs less prohibitive.


Chapter and community involvement – Phil Schneider

  • Three main areas were identified to assist with better Chapter visibility and awareness
  • CT Chapter Charity Tournament/Festival
  • Potential tournaments could support umpire training, scholarships, coaches’ education
  • Make tournament a fun event for participants will other activities available
  • Committee will be formed to discuss this further
  • Social Media and email blasts
  • Chapter should utilize social media (Facebook and Twitter) to promote chapter events
  • Will look into establishing accounts and what platforms are already available through USL
  • Email blasts are an effective way to reach membership and are provided through USL
  • Presence at established tournaments/events
  • Identify three tournaments/events to attend (Spring, Summer, Fall/Winter)
  • Purchase tents and table skirts with Chapter Logo
  • Create and distribute promotional items with Chapter logo and website
  • Create pamphlets with Chapter and USL information and benefits

Youth Coaches Clinic – Phil Schneider

  • Format for previous clinic was discussed
  • Several members who attended last year’s clinic spoke highly of event and suggested to leave it the same
  • Some concerns that future clinics may outgrow the facility at Albertus Magnus
  • Suggestions to add a more fundamental/beginner’s track to the schedule or include a basic introduction to lacrosse as a beginning session for new coaches
  • Suggested to film sessions
  • Committee will be formed to identify potential presenters for this year’s clinic and work on putting together the clinic


Fundraising – No breakout session was held


Other - No other items were discussed


Meeting adjourned at 8:35pm


Next Meeting – Monday, January 5th, 6:30 pm, TBD

CT Chapter Board Elections for 2015 will be held at this meeting