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Meeting Minutes – February 15, 2011

Attendance: Michael Colavecchio, Cori Distler, Mark Duclos, Rich Heritage, Marybeth Hodson, Bobby Marusi, Dick Naramore, Rob Peterson, Phil Schneider, Pat Thibideau.

Call to Order:7:05 PM by Rich Heritage, President

President’s Report
Rich reported that the CONNY Level 2 USL CEP (US Lacrosse Coaching Education Program) held on February 5thin Stratford was attended by approx. 80 coaches and the feedback has been very positive.
A Level 1 USL CEP is being hosted by the Farmington Youth Lacrosse Club on March 13th from 9:30 am to 5 pm at the West Woods Upper Elementary School in Farmington.  Those interested in attending can register via the CLF or USL websites.
Discussion and clarification of USL On-Line Coaching Courses and Instructional Clinics:
To become certified--

Level 1 requires:CEP Level 1 online course, CEP Level 1 Instructional clinic, PCA 1 course.
Level 2 requires: Level 1 certification, CEP Level 2 online course, CEP Level 2 Instructional clinic.
If you do not want to be certified, you can still participate in the on-line and instructional clinics. However, the prerequisite for attending a Level 2 Instructional Clinic is completion of the Level 1 Instructional Clinic.  (It’s recommended that you have completed the Level 2 online course, and have at least 2 years of coaching experience.) So, Level 1 certification is not required to take the Level 2 clinic, only completion of the Level 1 clinic is required.  One of the perks of a completely certified USL CEP coach is a discount at the USL National Coaches’ Convention.

The PCA workshop in Wallingford was attended by approx. 36 coaches.  Rich thanked Dick Naramore for helping with the event.  He also expressed his thanks to Michelle Milslagle and the Wallingford Lacrosse Club for hosting the event at Sheehan High School.
Bobby stated that to date there have been approximately 50 responses to the Survey Monkey re: the CT Coaches Convention.  Most of the feedback has been extremely positive.
There are two PCA “Double-Goal Coach™ II:  Culture, Practices and Games”  workshops coming up soon, one at the SONO Field House in Norwalk on March 1st, and one at Weston High School on March 9th. Those interested in attending can register via the CLF website.
Rob Peterson is working on getting a PCA workshop for the CVYL (CT Valley Youth Lacrosse) area.

Grant Committee
Mark Duclos stated the deadline for grant requests for 2011 is April 15th.  He is still in need of volunteers to serve on the Grant Committee. The Grant Committee commitment amounts to approximately 6 hours per year.
He reported that Capital Prep’s had a request for assistance in purchasing 2 goals.  Cori is donating one and Mike is following up re: a donation from Farmington Youth Lacrosse for the other.
Super Juniors
Pat reported that the Boys Super Junior tryouts will be on June 12th  (site TBD) and June 15th (at Wesleyan). The game will be on June 19th but the site has not been chosen yet.  The proposal from Yale to host the Girls Super Junior game came in considerably higher than last year. Rich will revisit it. Other sites will be considered.  A suggestion was made to consider Sheehan High School in Wallingford because of its central location and bilateral grandstand seating at its turf field. Marybeth reported that he tryouts for the Girls is June 13th at Wesleyan.  The game is scheduled for June 16th, location TBD.

Lower New Englands
Marybeth reported for Lisa Parsons, who is the Chair of the event for CT. She gave a brief history of the event: The Women's Division National Tournament began in 1933 as a tournament to showcase the best post-collegiate and club women's lacrosse players. Since that time, it has grown into one of the largest women's lacrosse events in the nation.  It is a premier recruiting opportunity for high school players.  There are approximately 40 regions across the United States who participate in the high school division. The Lower New England region is represented by players from CT, RI and MA.  Players are selected at a tryout. Players are recommended by their high school coaches.  The number of players trying out this year for the 3 LNE teams is expected to be around 400. There is a tryout fee which covers cost of pinnies and tryout site operations.  There is then a tournament fee for those players who make the LNE team.  The 2011 Women’s Division National Tournament takes place on May 28-29 at Stony Brook University.  
CT Public High School coaches are required to submit a letter to the CIAC asking for permission for their players to tryout and, if selected, attend the National Tournament because the dates for both are within the season.  The information for LNE’s will be distributed to all public and private high school coaches in a timely manner so that all deadlines can be met. Coaches are needed as player selectors for the tryout. Anyone interested can contact Jodi Blackburn who will be conducting the tryout.    
There was discussion regarding the loan extended by the CT Chapter to the 2010 LNE committee for uniform cost overruns.  There was unanimous support for the consideration of including the loan amount in the tryout or team fee, which would amount to a few dollars per player.  The LNE committee could then repay the loan.

US Lacrosse Youth Festivals and U-15 National Championships
There was a lengthy discussion of the USL Youth Festivals, now called “Lax Fest,” and U-15 National Championships.  Feedback was obtained from CLF members regarding the new format. Concerns expressed included the May 20-22 date of the Amherst event, the availability of coaches, and the dichotomy of having the Lax Fest and the U-15 National Tournament Qualifying rounds taking place at the same location.  There was a general feeling expressed that sending CT Chapter-tryout-selected teams to the Lax Fest as we have in the past would be difficult because of the May 20-22 dates conflicting with town program schedules. It was decided that the CLF Executive Board would elicit feedback from other Chapters and from a USL representative in order to make a decision re: how to proceed.  The urgency of getting this completed in order to meet registration deadlines was reiterated.  

Adjourned: 8:50 PM
Next CT Lacrosse Foundation Meeting: Monday, March 14, 2011.  Location TBA.

Respectfully Submitted,
Cori Distler
CLF Secretary