Promote the ideals of USALacrosse in Connecticut and the growth of the sport

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Attack       Attack    
Todd Heritage Cheshire  12   Brandon Kuring New Milford 12
Kurt Mueller Ridgefield 12   Mike Galione Ridgefield 12
Ryan McCarthy Glastonbury 12   Griff McGoldrick Fairfield Prep 12
Brendan Rotanz Fairfield Prep 12   Nick Carisio Cheshire  12
David Dickson Greenwich 11   Matthew Prezioso Southington 11
Midfield       Midfield    
Colin Dunster Greenwich 12   Aaron Mathaias Ridgefield 12
Mike Devine Cheshire 12   Colby Summerlin Newtown 11
Kip Orban Staples 11   Chris Barney Cheshire 12
Mike Carey Fairfield Prep 12   Tyler Cox Fairfield Prep 11
Thomas Woessner Simsbury 12   Shamus Higginbottom New Milford 11
Zack Wholley Southington 11   Kyle Mendelson Staples 12
Defense       Defense    
Jack Ambrose Staples 12   Alex Matarazzo Fairfield Prep 12
Darric White Fairfield Prep 12   Matt Shannon Ridgefield 11
Torrey Martone Cheshire 11   Sean McMahon New Milford 12
Adam Sands Greenwich 11   Douglas Pollack Glastonbury 11
Stuart Prevo Simsbury 12   Joe Klemenz Cheshire 11
LSM       LSM    
Casey McKnight Ridgefield 12   Evan Gaudio Cheshire 11
SSDM       SSDM    
Daniel Noskin Greenwich 12   Matt Sansone Cheshire 12
Goalkeeper       Goalkeeper    
Nate Gaudio Cheshire 12   Austin Waiter Staples 12