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Meeting Minutes – March 22, 2010
Attendance: Rich Heritage, Pat Thibideau, Marybeth Hodson, George Longyear, Cori Distler, Danie Caro, Clarissa Clarke, Rob Hoynes,

Call to Order: 7:15 PM by Rich Heritage

President’s Report
Rich reported that the CT Lacrosse Foundation has sent a contribution to the Lacrosse Futures Scholarship Fund in memory of Maureen O'Shea who passed away on March 13th following a battle with cancer. 
In recent months, the CT Lacrosse Foundation has sponsored several successful events: The 2010 CT Coaches Convention, the 2010 CT Hall of Fame ceremony, 2 PCA events, and a Level I USLaceosse Coaching Clinic. 
The Foundation is now preparing for the U-13 and U-15 National Youth Festivals and the Super Junior events.
Secretary’s Report
Cori reported that our meeting minutes are posted on our CT Lax Foundation website under “Chapter Business” (lefthand vertical menu of the HomePage.)
VP Women & Girls Report
Marybeth reported that preparations are underway for the U-13 and U-15 Youth Festivals. Preliminary plans for uniforms are being discussed. Girls Youth Festival tryouts are being held on Mother’s Day, May 9th.  Girls Youth Festival information is posted on our CT Lax Foundation website under the “Girls Youth” tab. She reported that Michelle Ralph will be coaching the U-13 team and Cori Distler will be coaching the U-15 team. She reported that the Girls Super Juniors tryout will be held on June 14th at Wesleyan and the game will be on June 17th at Yale. Anyone interested in helping as a selector at the tryouts for either of these events should contact Marybeth.
VP Men & Boys
Rich reported for Bobby.  Plans are being finalized for the Boys Youth Festival tryouts. Information will be posted on our CT Lax Foundation website under the “Boys Youth” tab. Bill Rabbitt will be coaching the U-15 CT Boys Youth festival team.   Plans are also underway for the Boys Super Junior event. 
Treasurer’s Report
Rich (as interim Treasurer) reported that the Treasurer Reports will be handed out quarterly at our meetings.  We are still in need of a Treasurer.  Anyone interested in the position should contact Rich.
Committee Reports:
Training and Education
If anyone is interested in hosting a Positive Coaching Alliance workshop, any lax program in CT whose members are members of US Lacrosse can book PCA workshops through our Foundation, sharing in the membership discount.  The Foundation also has a limited number of PCA classes it can offer on a grant basis, at no cost. For more information, contact Pat at  
Officiating Training
There was discussion about the girls youth officiating certifications process.  Concern has been expressed from program directors that the requirement for 6 hours of classroom and 3 hours of on-field training is difficult to complete. Not only is it hard for the high school girls to fit 6 hours of classroom time into their already busy academic and preseason lacrosse schedules, but it’s even more difficult to facilitate the on-field training.  Some towns don’t have the field availability to host a scrimmage or play day, and even if they did, there would be far many more girls that could be accommodated.  Cori reported that when she hears a complaint from someone, she suggests that they write to US Lacrosse with feedback and suggestions. She reported that the general feeling is that the on-field time is the most important piece.  One suggestion for a more helpful and feasible process: a  2-3 hour classroom session, followed by an on-field observation of a scrimmage or game where any number of trainees could attend and take notes, jotting down their questions which they could then e-mail to or call a designated senior official to discuss, then ending with a 2 hour on-field rating.  A suggestion was made to maybe hold the certification process in the summer, when the schedules are less busy for both the high school students and the senior officials, and  there are still games and scrimmages going on through summer leagues.
There was also discussion re: programs that have high school girls who have not completed the youth ref certification course officiating games. It is highly recommended that these programs make sure that anyone officiating is adequately insured. 
Brief discussion on ways to get college players who are returning home for the summer certified.
CT Coaches’ Convention
The date for the 2011 CCC is Sunday, January 9th.  The plan is to secure a location by April 1st, then start the “Save the Date” notices on May 1st, and have registration start on November 1st.    George suggested the West Campus of Yale at the old Bayer Healthcare campus in New Haven as a possible location.  He states that there is lots of available space and parking. 
Anyone interested in helping with the convention or being a presenter, or if anyone would like to recommend a presenter, should contact Rich, Pat, or Marybeth.
Grant Committee
Rich reported on behalf of Mark Duclos. Applications are due April 15th. There have been 5-6 applications submitted to date. The Grant Committee meeting is tentatively scheduled for April 21st
Mark is looking for 2-3 more volunteers to serve on the Grant Committee.  If interested, contact him.

The slate of nominated Board members was presented:
President                                              Rich Heritage
VP Women & Girls                                Marybeth Hodson
VP Men & Boys                                    Bobby Marusi
Secretary                                              Cori Distler
High School Rep – Girls (2)                    Mark Duclos & Phil Schneider
High School Rep – Boys (2)                   Mike King & Rich Pulisciano
College Rep – Women (2)                      Holly Wheeler & Laura Field
College Rep – Men (2)                           Rick McCarthy & Eric Fekete
Post Collegiate Rep – Women               Clarissa Clarke
Post Collegiate Rep – Men                    Rob Peterson
Officials Rep – Women                          George Longyear
Officials Rep – Men                               Ted Murphy
Youth Rep – Girls (2)                             Lee Ogden & Cari McCann
At Large Rep – Women & Girls               Rob Hoynes
At Large Rep – Men & Boys                   Jason Saunders & Matt Stack
Past President                                      Pat Thibadeau

Two positions remain open: Treasurer and Boys Youth Rep.
A motion was made to approve the slate as outlined.  So Moved (Longyear).  Seconded (Caro).
The motion was passed unanimously.

Member Comments
CCC suggestion: Try not to schedule anything concurrent with the Rules Interpretation session as attendance was low despite the importance and popularity of the subject.
Mens Lacrosse ESPNU Warrior Classic, Saturday April 24th at Rentschler Field in East Hartford.  Denver vs. Fairfield, UMass vs. Georgetown. To order tickets call 800-745-3000.   Group discounts for 15 or more, contact Kristen Connolly at 860-524-5794.  Use the reference code EWC2010
Adjourned: 8:10 PM
Next CTLacrosse Foundation Meeting: 
April 19, 2010

7:00 PM
Cheshire High School (in The Commons - located in the front of high school)
525 South Main Street, Cheshire.