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The Fundamentals of Shooting

Glenn Adams

Newtown High School



I.  Building blocks for the perfect form

A.   Hand Placement

B.   Unlocking the core (Torque)

C.   Finishing the shot (Following through)

1.    One handed throws

2.    Shooting in Front of the Cage

3.    Shooting on the Back of the Cage


II.  Keeping consistent form on the run

A.   Getting downhill

B.   Using momentum

C.   Finishing the shot with power / Location

1.    Shooting w/ two cages

2.    Dodging w/reference cones


III.  Additional Concerns

A.   Stick maintenance / Stringing

B.   Focus on drills that require movement and shooting from various angles

C.   Repetition, Repetition, Repetition