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Hall of Fame Nomination Questionnaire


The Connecticut Lacrosse Hall of Fame was established to honor men and women, past and present, who by their deeds as players, coaches, officials, or administrators have contributed to the growth of lacrosse in Connecticut and the stature of Connecticut lacrosse nationally, and who by the example of their lives, personify the great contribution of lacrosse to our way of life.



To serve this mission, the Board of Directors of the Connecticut Chapter of US Lacrosse, names a Chairman of the Hall of Fame Committee. This Chairman compiles nominations and assembles a selection committee comprised of at least six Chapter members, at least half of whom shall be previously elected members of the Connecticut Lacrosse Hall of Fame, plus the Chapter President. The selection committee aggressively pursues nominations of potential candidates and evaluates all nominees and candidates on file.


Timeline for nominations:

February 15th       To be eligible for consideration, a fully completed nomination questionnaires must be submitted using the link provided.

Hall of Fame Nomination Questionnaire

Note:                     All nomination questionnaires received after the February 15th deadline will not be eligible for induction with the current year, but will be automatically considered for induction the following year. Questionnaires can be submitted at any time through the year.

                              If a candidate is not selected for inclusion on the ballot within the year of initial nomination, they will remain eligible for consideration in subsequent years. It is not necessary to resubmit a new questionnaire annually, but submission of information regarding any new achievements, accolades or honors is highly recommended. All information will be reviewed annually.

March 1st              Hall of Fame Nominating Committee meets to review completed nomination questionnaires and to form the annual ballot containing the top 10 candidates for induction. The ballot will consist of a brief, relevant resume of each candidate for induction.

Mid-March           Ballots are released to the Hall of Fame Selection Committee. The Selection Committee will consist of Nominating Committee members, former Connecticut Lacrosse Hall of Fame Inductees and Connecticut Chapter Board Members. Candidates will be ranked from 1 to 10 with 1 being the highest and 10 being the lowest.

April 1st                      All ballots will be returned and the totals for each candidate will be tabulated. The top 5 in total points will be considered for induction into the Connecticut Lacrosse Hall of Fame pending approval by the Connecticut Chapter Executive Board. Vote ties are broken by a simple majority vote of the Nominating Committee.

April 15th                   Candidates for induction are notified

April 30th                   List of inducted candidates is released to the public

November            Annual Connecticut Lacrosse Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony and Dinner

                              The elected Hall of Fame inductees are honored at an annual Induction ceremony at a time and place to be determined. This event not only honors the new inductees, but also gathers previous Hall of Fame inductees and Chapter members, in general, allowing them to enjoy each other’s company.



Candidates may be nominated in one of the following categories:

1) A truly great player

2) A truly great coach

3) A truly great official/umpire

4) A truly great contributor

·         All

A candidate must have character beyond reproach and have a strong association with Connecticut. This may include an individual whose:

       Greatest lacrosse accomplishments occurred elsewhere, but who was raised and educated through high school in the Connecticut.

       Lacrosse accomplishments warranting consideration occurred while resident in Connecticut (including college residence), but who was raised and educated elsewhere.


At least eight (8) years must have passed beyond the actual or projected date of the college/university graduation of a candidate (however, college attendance/graduation is not a prerequisite for consideration).


Retired 5 years or at least 20 years active.


Retired 5 years or at least 20 years active.

       Contributor – Administrator

       20 years active service in a local, state, or national leadership position or on a local, state, or national committee, or a combination thereof.

       An acknowledged, high profile ambassador and/or promoter of the sport of lacrosse, especially lacrosse in Connecticut.

Candidates will be considered based upon the full body of their accomplishments in and contribution to lacrosse. Thus, the Committee may consider the candidacy of an individual whose accomplishments under any single category might not warrant induction, but whose lacrosse career included more than one category (e.g., player and coach, player and official, etc.).

Furthermore, if the Committee unanimously determines that an individual who is not strictly eligible under these criteria, but who fully and completely satisfies the spirit and intent of these criteria, and who therefore represents the best of the best within the context of his/her era of participation, the Committee may consider them for induction.

Nominee Questionnaire: In order to be nominated, A Nomination Questionnaire must be submitted by, or on behalf of, a candidate. Nomination Questionnaires are due by February 15th.

Hall of Fame Nomination Questionnaire

Questions? Contact:

Phil Schneider - President

Connecticut Lacrosse Foundation

~ 860-884-1980

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