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CT Lacrosse Coaches


Women’s Division

January 11, 2009



Offensive Drills

Presented by: 

Jen Fallon

University of New Haven
Offensive Drills


  • RLine Possession Drill


Four attackers and defenders match up at midfield between the restraining lines with a ball. Two more pairs of attack and defense match up down low, in front of the goal. On the whistle, the attack and defense in the midfield play possession within this space. At any time, the coach can blow the whistle, which signals the ball carrier to cross over the restraining line to fast break toward goal. Only the ball carrier and her defender can cross this line to create a 3 v. 3 fast break opportunity, which they play out until attack scores or possession changes.


  • Shooting Box


Set players up in a box around the goal cage, 2 at the 20 yard line, and two more on the goal line extended with lines behind them. The four players must pass the ball around the box, each player touching the ball, before the last player can go to goal. The passing pattern goes diagonal to straight (up or down), diagonal and then straight up or down. The first pass should start at a different point each time, going in a clockwise pattern, to change the direction of the passing sequence. (Can also use five lines, and no pattern. Only rule is that every player must touch the ball, last player shoots.)


  • Cut-Throat


Break the group up into 3 teams with one feeder at the restraining line. Two teams play within the restraining line to goal, while one waits at the goal line extended. If the attacking team scores, they run back to the restraining line to receive a new ball from the feeder, while the defense runs off and switches with the third team waiting at the goal line. Play then continues with the new team as defense. If the goalie makes a save, she clears to the defensive team who runs the ball to the restraining line, turns and becomes attack while the offensive teams switches out for new defense.



  • 3 vs. 2 from behind



3 lines of attack behind cage player at X has ball. Two defenders on either side of the crease on the goal line extended. Make sure all three attackers start in a line, play begins with a pass from X to one of the wings and must be passed back to X. Attacker at X has the ball and must read the defensive slides to find open player or can drive to cage. Two remaining attackers must sprint up and touch the “elbow” of the 8 m before they can become involved in the play. Ball carrier should look to attack one side of the cage while looking for other options created by their teammates and slides of the defense.




  • Slow-Break Shooting Drill



4 players needed for each run of the drill.  See set up below.  X1 starts with a ground ball and a pass to X2. X4 is timing a quick cut up from the goal line to receive and turn to the outside of the field. On her turn, X3 times her cut behind the cage, receives and changes directions attacking the cage from the side she just came from.  While X3 is changing sides, X1 is timing a cut into the 8M to receive for a shot. 












X3                                                       X4






  • High Pressure Shooting Drill


See set up below.  On a whistle coach/feeder at the top is looking to feed A1 on a curl cut into the 8.  D1 is moving the same time A1 does looking to put pressure on the shot from behind. A1 is making a good cut in receiving and releasing the shot at a good angle, as quickly as possible to avoid being checked from behind.  Repeat on the other side with A2 and D2.  Be sure shooters are using the appropriate hand to receive and shoot.






D2   A2                                               A1       D1