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Darryl Delia

Assistant Head Coach

Fairfield Lacrosse







1)     Make your defenseman play you and you alone at all times. Always keep moving so that he must focus his attention on you and not be in position to cover two men and help out his fellow defensemen.

2)     Fire all your passes!!!!

3)     Make all passes sharp and on the mark. Place them to the outside and away from the defenseman.

4)     When carrying the ball, never stand still or jog. Move your feet at all times.

5)     Move to all passes.

6)     Stick protection is vital.

7)     Always look for the give and go.

8)     Never pass and stand. Always pass and cut.

9)     Move the ball within two steps of picking up a ground ball.

10) Keep your spacing on the field.

11) Always balance up the field.

12) Make cuts full speed. Clear through once you do not get the ball.

13) Always run the picket fence when you are carrying.

14) Change of speeds, levels and angles are important.














Darryl Delia

Assistant Head Coach

Fairfield Lacrosse


Offense units should always have rules that they can incorporate into their 6 on 6 play. The rules that were previously discussed are mandatory for success and offensive flow.


1) Spacing- In every set it is vital that each player understands and recognizes proper spacing.


2) Timing- With every dodge, there is a good time to dodge and a bad time to dodge. Example: Starting the dodge when there is no backup or outlets.


3) Match Up- Although there is no such thing as a bad match up. It is important that you get the talented dodgers dodging.


4) Outlets- In every sequence it is important that you always have two outlets for the dodger.


5) Angles- We must always dodge with proper angles. Dodging from up top or the wing.


6) Off Ball- Movements off ball will lead to the success of the dodger as well as your team.


7) Beat your man- If the dodger can not beat his defender it will allow the defense to hold their slides.


8) Drawing the slide- This is of the utmost importance. Without this there will be no movement.


9) Vision- By dodging with your head up it allows you to see the open man.



10) Roll back- This is the most effective way to beat a defense.





Darryl Delia

Assistant Head Coach

Fairfield Lacrosse




The ability to switch formations allows you to disguise what you’re actually trying to accomplish. By starting in one formation and finishing up in another will confuse some defenses. It will also help with ball possession.



When running out of the circle set it allows the players to identify what your opponent’s slide packages are: NEAR MAN, ADJACENT OR CROSS CREASE.



1-3-2 to 2-3-1:




1-3-2 to 1-4-1:




2-3-1 to 1-4-1:





1-3-2 to 2-3-1:




2-1-3 to 2-2-2: