Promote the ideals of USALacrosse in Connecticut and the growth of the sport

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CT Chapter Meeting Minutes

Wednesday October 11, 2017

6:30-8:30 pm

Cheshire High School


Present: Phil Schneider, Rich Heritage, Dick Naramore, Sean Cole, Rob Hoynes, Lindsey Jardine, Katie Keogh, Chris Krone, Pat Reed


Meeting called to order – 6:45pm


1.    Review of CT Chapter Minutes – August/September – minutes were review and approved.

2.    Treasurer’s Report – Current balance is $52,096 which includes some deposits for Hall of Fame Induction Dinner. Last US Lacrosse distribution is due on October 15th

3.    Chapter Leadership Conference and CES 2.1 – Chapter Effectiveness Rating

a.    Phil attended a USL Chapter Leadership Conference in Baltimore on September 16th and 17th. Some of the topics discussed are listed below

                                          i.    State of US Lacrosse Presentation by Steve Stenerson

                                         ii.    Embracing new ideas to effectively grow the game

                                        iii.    Men’s and Women’s Rule Changes

                                       iv.    Supporting LLOs

                                        v.    Driving chapter visibility through social media

                                       vi.    Conducting a town hall meeting

                                      vii.    CDP Plans for 2017-2018

b.    CES 2.1 – Chapter Effectiveness Rating

                                          i.    US Lacrosse launched CES 2.0 last year to outline for Chapters core and elective programs that each chapter should do based on membership size

                                         ii.    US Lacrosse is in the process of developing CES 2.1 to rate the effectiveness of each chapter in relationship to CES 2.0

                                        iii.    Phil shared some of the information about CES 2.1 which is under development

4.    CT Chapter Lacrosse Hall of Fame

a.    Rob reported on the Hall of Fame which is scheduled for November 11th at Vazanno’s Four Seasons in Stratford

b.    Ryan will be sending out another newsletter with Hall of Fame information

c.    Proceeds from the silent auction will be given to Sticks for Soldiers

d.    CT Chapter Board members and former Hall of Fame inductees will be admitted to banquet free of charge

e.    Hall of Fame committee conference call will be on October 17th.

5.    CT Chapter Coaches Convention

a.    Phil has discussed this year’s convention with New England Black Wolves and is trying to determine a date for the convention.

b.    January 28th would be the corresponding date from last year, but is not available at Mohegan Sun this year.

c.    Phil is working with Rich Lisk on an alternate date or location. Mystic Indoor Sports in Mystic is a possible location

d.    Phil presented the possibility of conducting a CDP Level 1 clinic in conjunction with a youth player’s clinic. Board members were in consensus that this event would be a good idea and should be pursued further. January 15th (MLK Day) was discussed as a possible date.

e.    Board members also discussed alternate location for a coaches’ convention. Albertus Magnus and Cheshire Academy were discussed. Katie were check on the availability of Cheshire Academy.

6.    Youth Lacrosse Leadership Conference

a.    The chapter will conduct annual Youth Lacrosse Leadership Conference on Sunday November 5th at Hilton Garden Inn (Wallingford)

b.    Constituent groups from Connecticut have been invited to this conference

c.    Phil will develop agenda for meeting. Possible topics involve relationship between Chapter and private enterprise groups.

7.    CT Chapter Meet and Greet

a.    Phil suggested that the December chapter meeting be a “social gathering” for Board members at a local restaurant.

b.    A suggestion was made that each board member bring a friend or two with them to this meeting

c.    Phil will look into possible locations. The date for the meeting would be on or around December 13th

Meeting adjourned at 8:45pm

Next Meeting – Youth Lacrosse Leadership Conference – November 5, 2017 –

                          Hilton Garden Inn (Wallingford)