Promote the ideals of USALacrosse in Connecticut and the growth of the sport

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CT Chapter Meeting Minutes

Constituent Services Budget Meeting

Thursday August 24, 2017

6:30-8:30 pm

Hilton Garden Inn – 1181 Barnes Road, Wallingford


Present: Phil Schneider, Rich Heritage, Ryan Larkum, Dick Naramore, Erin Michaud, Darren Getek, Andrew Speyer, Rich McCaffrey, Alex Pacelli, Mike Infantino, Ellen MacDougall, John MacDougall

Meeting Called to Order at 6:45pm

·         CT Chapter Summary – 2017 – The following events were added to the Summary (document attached to minutes)

o   Ryan attended CONNY Tournament

o   Chapter provided officials and support to Inner City Lacrosse

o   Chapter provide Official’s Scholarship to Mike Infantino to attend US Lacrosse Convention


·         US Lacrosse CES 2.0

o   Phil provided an overview of the US Lacrosse CES 2.0

o   CES 2.0 Core and Elective activities are the basis for determining Chapter budgetary needs.

o   Tier 4 Chapters (10,000+) members are required to complete all Core activities and 6 Elective activities

o   Tier 4 Matrix included in Minutes with highlighted Elective activities

§  Education and Training

v  Chapter presently completes all Core activities

v  Attempting to determine locations for CDP Level 1 and Level 2 in Fall

v  Dick suggested a New Officials Grant program with a possible reimbursement of training materials and officials equipment in officials second year

v  Reviewed date for Coaches Clinic on January 28th. This is the comparable weekend to last year’s clinic.

v  Discussion about providing position specific (goalie) or player’s clinics. Should the Chapter provide these opportunities or work with private enterprise organizations to run these clinics?

§  Fuel the Growth of the Sport

v  Chapter presently completes all Core activities

v  Discussion about an Intro to Lacrosse Day or revisiting the idea of a Day of Giving for Lacrosse

v  Discussion about parent/spectator behavior and the possibility of creating signage for sidelines that promotes good sportsmanship and behavior. This signage may be co-branded with town and CT Chapter or US Lacrosse.

§  Support Local Lacrosse Organizations (LLOs)

v  Chapter presently completes all Core activities

v  New US Lacrosse value proposition for members are posted on USL website.

§  Drive Chapter Visibility

v  Chapter presently completes all Core activities

v  Chapter recognized achievements of “Spirit Lacrosse Day” in Ellington Youth Lacrosse and recommends working with this group on next year’s event.



·         CT Chapter CSB Budget – 2018

§  Phil review CT Chapter CSB Budget from 2017

§  Discussion about any additions or deletion for budgetary needs for 2018

§  Phil will revise budget and distribute to CT Chapter Board for approval

§  Initial budget is due to US Lacrosse by September 1st

§  Revised budget is due by the end of October

·         Treasurer’s Report

§  Rich presented revenue and expense report for CT Chapter.

§  CT Chapter presently has $55,000 in reserves and will be receiving a final distribution of $7,500 from US Lacrosse In October.


·         Constituent Representatives

o   Discussion related to constituent groups successes, challenges and needs was ongoing during meeting and many items are captured in minutes

o   Discussion will continue at future meetings

·         Meeting Decisions and Points of Action

o   Discuss new officials grants and reimbursements

o   Discuss CT Chapter relationship with private enterprise to provide player’s clinics

o   Discuss CT Chapter’s ability to provide player’s clinics

o   Confirm date for CT Chapter Coach’s Clinic at Mohegan Sun sponsored by NE Black Wolves

o   Discuss developing sideline signage for youth games to promote good sportsmanship and behavior

o   Discuss increasing support for Spirit Lacrosse Day and possibility of conducting similar events in other areas of the State.


Meeting adjourned at 8:35pm



·         CT Chapter initial budget due September 1st

·         CT Chapter Fall Grants – Deadline September 30th

·         Fall CDPs – looking for locations for Level 1 and Level 2 Clinics

·         PCA Clinics – looking for locations

·         CT Lacrosse Hall of Fame – Saturday November 11th – Four Seasons Vazzano’s, Stratford


Next Meeting – TBD