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CT Chapter Meeting Minutes                          

 Wednesday, February 8, 2017                       

         Conference Call

(866) 201-0083 Passcode: 909567



Present:  Phil Schneider, Sean M. Peoples, Rich Heritage, Katelyn Hinchey, Bill Glenn, Lindsey Jardine, Ralph Mayo, Rob Hoynes.


The conference call convened at 7:03pm.


Phil reported on the results of the Coaches Clinic held at Mohegan Sun on January 29th.  He reviewed  expenses incurred and revenue generated - this information will be shared with the Chapter.


Rich also reported that the Clinic operated at $3,000.00 in the red.  Dick’s Sporting Goods allocated $1,000.00 to this event and he discussed the Black Wolves involvement.  Breakfast and box lunches were a big expense, $4,200.00.


Overall, the Clinic was successful with good speakers and generated revenue.  The Black Wolves were very accommodating in hosting and sharing their players.


Phil added that the Chapter may look to raise fees next year; $40.00 early bird registration and $45.00 for regular tickets in order to better cover costs.  This will likely be a break even event, not a fundraiser.


Feedback on the event from the survey was that it was easy to register, revenue and location were excellent, the event was a good value for the money, the length of clinic was “about right” and the Coaches’ Clinic materials were “about right”.  Some participants felt the materials were too advanced.

Others commented that the Sky Box was a difficult venue for holding lectures.


Feedback on how to improve the event next year included - improve the format, better advertising and adapt drills to introductory players.  One comment was that it was difficult to make a choice between two conflicting speaker segments, another comment suggested making it interactive in the future.


Overall, most participants felt it was an excellent event and gave it a “very good” overall rating.


Lindsay suggested marketing the clinic to newer coaches.


Bill Glen suggested not holding presentations in the Sky Boxes where one presenter had to speak over an adjacent presentation.


Phil noted that the Black Wolves would like to be involved in future clinics and that we should track speakers by setting the schedule with a focus on youth, high school, etc.


The next item on the meeting agenda was Phil’s review of the meeting minutes from 01/11/17 with a focus on the action items.


Lindsay made a Motion to approve the minutes of the 01/11/17 meeting. The Motion was seconded and passed without further discussion.


Next on the agenda was Phil’s review of the Chapter proposed budget for 2017-2018. He reported  $4,000.00 has to be cut for next year.  Using the budget tool, Phil made two proposed adjustments: he decreased the $6,000.00 allocation for the line item for “Education” to $4,500.00 and reduced the line item for “Chapter Visibility” from $10,000.00 to $7,000.00.


Consequently, the Chapter’s 2017-2018 budget request to USL is $27,374.00.


There were no further questions regarding any specific budget line items.  The percentages for allocation are consistent with USL requests.


Of note, the $2,000.00 allocation for website enhancements was left in the budget.


Phil will submit the revised budget for the Board’s approval before submitting it to USL.


The next Item on the Agenda was Coaches Education. Phil stated that we are looking for a Board member to take on Coaches’ Education, setting the location, etc.  There is a Clinic scheduled for March 26th at Hall High School in West Hartford.  There are 20 total registrations so far.  $20.00 per participant supplement.


Level II and Level III clinics will be offered in the fall clinics.  Locations are needed: a gymnasium and classroom are needed for Level II, a classroom is needed for Level III.


Regarding Learn to Play Clinics – Phil stated that the Chapter needs to promote a few of these events each year.  The cost would be $20.00 - $30.00 per participant.  Each clinic would take approximately 1 ½ - 2 hours with future coaches.  These are very basic clinics designed to teach skills to players.  In the past, this has been handled in-house.  Participating coaches need Level I certification.


ACTION ITEM: Bill Glen inquired as to trainer instruction and locations.  Phil will look into this - it may involve in-house training.


Phil reported on LLO’s (Local Lacrosse Organizations).  He attended the recent CONNY Meeting. There was a change in leadership.  The new President of CONNY is Rick Greenwood of Fairfield.  Amanda Gerich of Stamford is the new co-VP for Women’s Game. Jamie Czajkowski of West Hartford is also a co-VP for Women’s Game.  A discussion of rules took place during the meeting.


CVYL:  there was a discussion of waivers at their recent meeting.


CVGYL:  Girls – Nate Carlson – recently hosted a meeting


Club Teams:  Youth groups, officials.  The Chapter tries to keep current on local events in order to continue to serve as a resource.


Phil reported on the NCAA Men’s & Women’s Tournaments to be held at Gillette Stadium at Foxborough, MA on May 26-29th.  Beginning Friday night, 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.: Women’s Semi-Finals will be held. There is a big push for awareness and attendance.              

o   Saturday – Men’s Semi-Finals

o   Sunday – Women’s Championship, Men’s Division II & III Championships

o   Monday – Men’s Division I Final


Full weekend tickets are now on sale – there are no individual session tickets.  The Chapter is working on logistics – we will have a tent there all weekend.  As a Chapter, help is needed at the tent and with promoting the event.


The Chapter has offered to coordinate with CONNY for this event:

                -              Free parking;

                -              Reunion Village;

                -              Fan Tunnel;

                -              Mini Tournament;

                -              Clinics;


New Board Members


Phil made a Motion for Lindsey Jardine to take over as the Vice President of the Women’s and Girls Games.       Bill seconded the Motion.  There being no discussion it was unanimously approved.


Phil submitted Jim MacAlevey’s name as the College Representative for the Men’s side. He noted that Jim has been very involved with the Irish National Team.  The Motion was seconded.  As for discussion, both Rob and Rich concurred that Jim was a good choice.  The Motion passed.




Revenue & Expense items were reviewed. Phil reported that the Chapter’s tax returns are being prepared now.  Currently, the Chapter has $38,528 in the Chapter bank account.  There were some recent expenses associated with the 01/29 Clinic.


Phil further noted that USL periodically distributes funds to the Chapter – the CT Chapter will receive $2,050.00 in February and $17,465 in May.  A final disbursement of $7,485.00 will be received in October.


PCA (Positive Coaching Alliance) Agreement:  Phil reported that we have reviewed our partnership with Rich, 2 year period and runs about $1,900.00 – comes with 2 workshops in 2018. There is carry forward of three (3) unused workshops from the prior period.  They had some good suggestions on leveraging better awareness on our website and with social media. Looking to build better awareness.  The biggest challenge continues to be attendance.  These PCA workshops are free to the organization - a location is needed.


There was no update on the Chapter Website – Phil noted there is a change-over to SI Play.


ACTION ITEM:  Lindsay reported there is a Chapter Meet & Greet on Thursday night, February 23rd from 7:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. in Southington. She provided an update and status on the number of attendees. She requested additional marketing and to get the word out.  Rich offered to reach out to Boys’ High School coaches, Phil to the Girls’ High School coaches.


Phil noted that Board members are also invited to attend the Meet & Greet.  He will contact Tidewater Chapter to see what they were using.  Phil suggested to Lindsey that she may want to organize another Meet & Greet event in a couple of weeks or after the season.


Phil next discussed a request for a Board member’s assistance with organizing one (1) day “Intro to Lacrosse” clinics in June/July to be held at three locations in the State.


Rachel Smith:  Bridgeport Field Day – bring in 6 area elementary schools – need Chapter help with logistics “Intro to Lacrosse Day.”


Rob Hoynes reported on the Hall of Fame Dinner event.  He will host a conference call on the last day of the month of the Nominating/Selecting Committee Meeting – the goal is to discuss candidates before the High School season starts.  Phil discussed recommendation(s) for the Hall of Fame.  Phil has six (6) nominations – we had a pool of applicants. 


The date for 2017 Banquet is November 11th at the same location in Stratford.  There was mention made to make the event shorter this year (2017) and to fill out the Google form for anyone.


Phil reported on the Grants Committee: 

Five (5) grant applications were submitted before the deadline:

o   Vinal Tech

o   Vernon Lacrosse Association

o   Hywinds Technologies

o   New Fairfield Youth Lacrosse (startup program)

o   Bristol Lacrosse (startup program)


Phil noted that goal setting for the Chapter will be tabled for now.



o   Phil will revise the proposed budget revenue and expenses and submit for Chapter approval

o   NCAA packet for tickets

o   Market High School coaches for the upcoming Meet & Greet


The next Chapter meeting is scheduled for March 8, 2017 and will be a conference call.


After March, we’re into the lacrosse season until June.  We need to continue a dialog, however, for discussion of summer clinics.


Lindsey moved to adjourn.  The Motion was Seconded and passed.  Whereupon the call ended at 8:34pm.


Respectfully Submitted,




                Sean M. Peoples, Secretary