Promote the ideals of USALacrosse in Connecticut and the growth of the sport

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CT Chapter Meeting Minutes

Wednesday January 11, 2017

6:30-8:30 pm

Cheshire High School

Present: Phil Schneider, Rich Heritage, Sean Cole, Lindsey Jardin, Drew McElroy, Al DiVincentis

Meeting called to order – 6:45pm

  1. Approval of CT Chapter Minutes – December – motion was made and second and minutes were approved unanimously
  2. President’s Report
    1. CT Chapter Coaches Clinic
      1. Registration is still not available to accept credit cards. Problem with new bank account and new EIN number in establishing a new account. Rich will look into other vendors to see if problem can be resolved
      2. Recommendation to use Event Brite as an alternative
      3. Decision to open registration without payment and to email attendees when credit cards are accepted to re-register or to pay at the door
      4. Phil will have Square Card reader to take credit cards at the door
      5. Dick’s and Black Wolves will provide some raffle prizes for attendees. Phil will buy some raffle tickets to use
      6. Presenters will be notified to email presentations to download and any handouts that need to be copied
      7. Phil will work on finalizing speakers for girls side and Drew and Rich will work on the boys side
      8. Phil will email Board members to see who is planning on attending and also who plans on attending the CT Chapter social after the clinic.
  3. Treasurer’s Report
    1. Phil shared tentative allocation amount from USL. CT Chapter is tentatively approved for $27,000. CSB request was for $31,000. Budget will be reviewed at next Board meeting and revised budget is due to USL by March 31st
    2. WCLOA Grant Request for $2065.50 for official’s training and observation was approved.
    3. PCA contract was renewed for 2 years. Board members are asked to assist in finding programs that would be interested in hosting a PCA clinic.
  4. Vice President’s Report
    1. Phil reported that Will Mraz has resigned as VP of Women’s & Girls Game. He has taken a job as head coach at Maine Maritime Academy
    2. Phil and the rest of the Board thanked Will for his service and dedication to the CT Chapter Board.
    3. Drew reported that he had talked to Arielle at USL about the new SI Play website and the SI Play will do the transfer of information from the old website. An intern from USL will help with the transfer and archiving information. The process will be completed by March.
  5. Events
    1. Chapter Meet and Greet is scheduled for Thursday February 23 from 7:00-9:00pm at Sliders in Southington
    2. Discussion about what to offer at Meet and Greet and decided to offer free appetizers. Beverages would be purchased by attendees.
    3. Flyer for social will be included in program for coaches clinic
    4. Lindsey will send flyer to college coaches and Board members will be encouraged to attend.
  6. Hall of Fame Committee – no report
  7. Grants Committee
    1. Grant for $1500 was approved for Wethersfield Youth Lacrosse
    2. Two grant requests have been received: Vinal Tech (boys) and Vernon Youth Lacrosse
    3. Grant requests received by January 31st deadline will be reviewed and reported at next Board meeting
  8. Other agenda items were tabled until next meeting
  9. Meeting Decisions and Points of Action
    1. CT Coaches clinic presenters and Board members will be emailed to update information about clinic
    2. CT Chapter CSB will be revised and submitted by March 31st
    3. WCLOA grant approved for $2065.50
    4. Website platform will be changed to SI Play and information will be transferred by March
    5. Board members are encouraged to attend CT Chapter Meet and Greet on February 23rd at Sliders in Southington

Motion was made and second and approved unanimously to adjourn meeting at 8:45pm

Next Meeting – Wednesday February 8, 2017 ~ Cheshire High School