Promote the ideals of USALacrosse in Connecticut and the growth of the sport

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CT Chapter Meeting Minutes

Wednesday December 14, 2016

6:30-8:30 pm

Cheshire High School


Present: Phil Schneider, Rich Heritage, Bill Glenn, Ryan Larkum, Sean Cole, Lindsey Jardin, Dick Naramore, Drew McElroy, Ralph Mayo, Rob Hoynes, Will Mraz


Meeting called to order – 6:45pm


1.     Dick’s Sporting Good Partnership

a.     Phil reviewed proposal for 2017

                                          i.     $3000.00 (20% increase from 2016)

                                         ii.     Partnership Focus

1.     $1000.00 towards support and participation in coaches clinic

2.     $1000.00 supporting new programs and/or underserved programs

3.     $1000.00 towards Hall of Fame banquet

                                        iii.     Chapter obligation

1.     Actively promote CT Chapter Appreciation weekend in March through newsletters

2.     DSG will send one (1) newsletter communication to promote DSG TSHQ website platform

3.     Allow Dick’s to be an active partner at coaches clinic, HoF and other events listed above

b.     Motion was made and second to approve partnership with Dick’s Sporting Goods

c.      Motion was approved unanimously

2.     CT Chapter Coaches Clinic

a.     Clinic Presenters

                                          i.     Discussion about including a Learn to Play clinic. Decided to do one session as an introduction to lacrosse in the form of a Learn to Play clinic

                                         ii.     Most of the women’s presenters are set. Still need a few more presenters on the men’s side. Final presentation schedule will be completed shortly

                                        iii.     Discussion about cost of coaches’ clinic. Previous clinics have been $20. Have to pay for catering at Mohegan Sun. This will drive up the cost. Decision to set registration fee at $40

                                       iv.     Dick Naramore will create registration on website

                                         v.     Discussion about logistics at clinic. More information will be sent out through an email to Board members

3.     US Lacrosse Convention

a.     Discussion about reimbursing Board members for travel and hotel expenses for convention

b.     Phil will send out email to Board members to see who is planning on attending

c.      Discussion about amount to reimburse. Decision to reimburse between $250-500 depending on the number of Board members attending convention, total not to exceed $2500.00

d.     New England Black Wolves will be hosting the New England Chapters social at convention. Chapter will make a $500 donation to the social to offset cost of Chapter members in attendance.

4.     CT Chapter Social

a.     Lindsey created a “Calling All Laxers” flyer to encourage people to become involved with the Chapter

b.     Discussion about hosting a meet and greet in the middle part of the State and possibly in the Fairfield County and Eastern part of the State

c.      Lindsey will look at locations (possibly Southington Sliders) and date (February 23?)

5.     CT Chapter Board Elections – the following slate of Board members and Officers of the Corporation were approved unanimously

·        President – Phil Schneider

·        Vice President – Women’s Game – Will Mraz

·        Vice President – Men’s Game – Drew McElroy

·        Secretary – Sean Peoples

·        Treasurer – Rich Heritage

·        Official’s Rep (Boys) – Mike Scanlan

·        Official’s Rep (Girls) – Randy Bayliss

·        High School Rep (Girls) – Bill Glenn

·        High School Rep (Boys) – Ralph Mayo

·        Youth Rep (Girls) – Caitlyn Hinchey, Kim Bandak, Judy Scinto

·        Youth Rep (Boys) – Al DiVincentis

·        At Large Rep (Girls) – Lindsey Jardin, Sean Cole

·        At Large Rep (Boys) – Matt Glaser, Ching D’Arminio

·        Past President – Rich Heritage

·        College Rep (Women) – Joe Caruso

6.     Amendment to CT Chapter By-Laws

a.     Motion was made and second to remove Section 2.05 – Terms of Office

b.     All other section numbers will be adjusted to reflect the removal of Section 2.05

c.      The motion was discussed and approved unanimously

d.     The amended CT Chapter By-Laws will be posted on the chapter website

7.     CT Chapter Goals for 2017

a.     Items below were discussed as goals for 2017. A Google Doc will be created to solicit more ideas from Board members about goals.

                                          i.     Converting website to US Lacrosse template in SI Play

                                         ii.     Utilizing allocated funding to upgrading website

                                        iii.     Continuing to improve relationships with LLOs

8.     Approval of CT Chapter Minutes – November – motion was made and second and minutes were approved unanimously

9.     Meeting Decisions and Action Items

a.     Approved Dick’s Sporting Goods partnership agreement

b.     Finalize presenters, schedule, and registration for Coaches Clinic

c.      Contact Board members about attending US Lacrosse Convention

d.     Finalize plans for “meet and greet” Chapter social

e.     Update CT Chapter By-Laws on website

f.       Create Google Doc to send to Board members for input on goals for 2017


Motion was made and second and approved unanimously to adjourn meeting at 9:00pm


Next Meeting – Wednesday January 11, 2017 ~ Cheshire High School