Promote the ideals of USALacrosse in Connecticut and the growth of the sport

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CT Chapter Board Conference Call Agenda

Wednesday December 9, 2015

7:00-8:30 pm

Number: 866-201-0083

Password: 909567



Activity/Event/Key Points


7:00 pm


Roll Call


7:05 pm


Sponsorship & Corporate Partnerships

·        Committee – Chairperson – Mitch Felton

·        Dick’s Proposal

·        Black Wolves

·        Others

Phil with comments

7:15 pm


Proposal Relationsmith Digital Messaging, LLC

·        Costs

·        Revenue Sharing Possibilities

Phil with comments

7:25 pm


Youth Lacrosse  Leadership Conference – November 15th - Trumbull

Phil, Rich, Mitch, Bill, Mike

7:35 pm


Hall of Fame – November 21st

Phil, Rich

7:45 pm


CT Chapter Grant Requests

·        Chapter 126

·        Cromwell Youth Lacrosse


7:55 pm

Review and


Coaches Education Programs

·       North Branford – Level 1 – November 22

·       Cheshire – Level 2 – December 12

·       Stamford – Level 2 – February 7, 2016

·       Waterford – Level 1 – TBD

·       Learn to Play Clinics and Trainers

Phil with comments

8:05 pm


·        CT Chapter Board Vacancies

·        CT Chapter Meetings – Jan, Feb, March

·        Date and Location

·        Call to Action Meeting - January

Phil with comments

8:15 pm


USL Convention – Baltimore

·       Who is attending?

·       New England Chapter Reception

Phil with comments

8:25 pm


Meeting Decisions and Points of Action


8:30 pm


Meeting Ends



CT Chapter Board Conference Call – December 9, 2015


·        Sponsorship and Corporate Partnership

o   Agreement that the CT Chapter should be pursuing sponsorship opportunities

o   Formation of a Sponsorship Committee

§  Mitch Felton – Committee Chairperson

§  Al Divincentis

§  Ryan Larkum

§  Others who may be interested in this committee

o   Need to develop/find process for vetting sponsorship opportunities

o   Dick’s Sporting Goods Sponsorship – allow them to sponsor events, but not utilize membership email to promote Dick’s events

o   Fundraising Committee – can be the same people or different

·        Relationsmith Proposal

o   Agreement that costs to start up website and content (approx. $10,000) is too prohibitive for the CT Chapter at this time

o   Also concerns about revenue sharing model and allowing access to membership email database

o   Proposal was rejected and Phil will contact Ken Dixon with decision

·        Website Updates

o   Present content on CT Chapter website tabs needs to be updated. Some information is several years old.

o   Webmaster – Randy Bayliss has agreed to assume this role

o   Long range plan may include out-sourcing the maintenance of website or utilizing an intern

o   Content for website will still be developed by CT Chapter and US Lacrosse

o   Recommendation to utilize video content that already exists on the US Lacrosse website

o   Recommendation to develop a webinar for parents to learn more about lacrosse

o   Discussion about utilizing another platform for the website.

o   League Athletics will still be the preferred platform for US Lacrosse, especially since USL will be using it for their new Age Verification initiative and it will be free beginning next year

o   Social Media (Facebook) will still be maintained by Drew McElroy

·        Umpire Recruitment and Training

o   CT Chapter wants to continue to support LOAs in recruitment and training

o   Suggestion to advise LOAs to advertise for officials on LaxPower

o   Randy Bayliss has worked on recruitment efforts for Women’s game officials

o   Recommendation to post official’s training dates on website and help to support recruitment and training efforts

·        CT Chapter Meetings

o   Wednesday January 13, 2016 – Hopkins School, New Haven – “Call to Action” Email

o   Wednesday February 10, 2016 – Chapter 126, Bristol

o   Wednesday March 9, 2016 – TBD

·        US Lacrosse Convention

o   New England Chapters Reception

§  CT Chapter will contribute $500 to the reception

§  All Board members are welcome to attend

§  Ryan Larkum is finalizing time and location

o   CT Chapter Board Members Attending

§  Phil Schneider, Mitch Felton, Drew McElroy, Will Mraz, Mike Scanlan, Randy Bayliss

o   Learn to Play Training – Sunday

§  CT Chapter will pay $50 for each trainer

§  Trainers – Phil Schneider, Will Mraz, Mike Scanlan, Drew McElroy, Tina Crispens

o   Reimbursement/Stipend for Board Members attending Convention

§  Discussed possible reimbursement/stipend for Board members

§  Agreement on this, amount to be determined

·        CT Lacrosse Hall of Fame

o   Review of event

o   Committee Meeting

§  Determine process for selection to Hall of Fame

§  Discuss location and date for 2016 Induction ceremony

§  Update information on website

·        Other items discussed with no action needed

o   Youth Lacrosse Leadership Conference

o   CT Chapter Grants

o   Coaches’ Education Programs