Promote the ideals of USALacrosse in Connecticut and the growth of the sport

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CT Chapter Meeting Minutes

Constituent Services Budget Meeting

Thursday August 18, 2016

6:30-8:30 pm

Hilton Garden Inn – 1181 Barnes Road, Wallingford

Present: Phil Schneider, Rich Heritage, Judd Andres, Joe Caruso, Matt Glaser, Ryan Larkum, Sean Cole, William Glenn, Rich McCaffrey, Drew McElroy, Al DiVincentis, Nate Carlson, Dan LaBreck, Heather Iaderosa, Rachel Smith, Mark Duclos, Will Mraz

Meeting Called to Order at 6:45pm

·        CT Chapter Summary – 2016 – no discussion – document added to minutes

·        CT Chapter By-Laws Revision

o   Phil reviewed process for arriving to the decision to revise CT Chapter By-Laws including changes in Chapter incorporation and being recognized as an official entity by the State of Connecticut

o   Previous By-Laws were out dated and had existed since inception of CT Chapter

o   US Lacrosse have provided revised by-laws for Chapters to adopt

o   Main change to By-Laws was the addition of Section 2.15 Advisory Board

o   Phil made a motion to adopt the new CT Chapter By-Laws and it was seconded by Bill Glenn

o   Discussion on new By-Laws:

§  Judd Andres questioned the process for getting information to the constituent groups about events related to CT Chapter.

§  Rich McCaffrey questioned if Advisory Board members had voting rights.

§  Executive committee has voting rights to conduct Chapter business

§  Voting rights for additional board members will be conducted as a quorum during regular or special Chapter meetings.

o   Phil called for a vote to adopt the revised CT Chapter By-Laws and they were approved unanimously. Revised CT Chapter By-Laws will be posted on CT Chapter website.

·        US Lacrosse CES 2.0

o   Phil provided an overview of the US Lacrosse CES 2.0 (shared PowerPoint presentation)

o   CES 2.0 Core and Elective activities are the basis for determining Chapter budgetary needs.

o   Tier 4 Chapters (10,000+) members are required to complete all Core activities and 6 Elective activities

o   Tier 4 Matrix included in Minutes with highlighted Elective activities

§  Education and Training

v  Chapter presently completes all Core activities

v  Discussion possible CEP location including Waterford, Wallingford, Trumbull

v  Matt offered Canterbury School as a potential location for the Spring.

v  Rachel recommended Bridgeport as a potential Learn to Play clinic location.

v  Drew raised concerns about official recruitment and training.

v  Judd was concerned about inconsistencies in teaching proper techniques by coaches.

v  Recommendation for a youth rules interpretation meeting for all coaches

v  Recommendation to discuss mentoring program with LOAs and restrict Chapter funding to these types of initiatives.

v  Discussion about coaches’ clinic. Dan suggested running it as a true coaches’ convention with vendors. Possible partnership with NE Blackwolves and Mohegan Sun.

§  Fuel the Growth of the Sport

v  Chapter presently completes all Core activities

v  Discussion about an Intro to Lacrosse Day or revisiting the idea of a Day of Giving for Lacrosse

v  Rachel also recommended a community partnership with Hall Neighborhood House and their annual Anti-Bullying Youth Rally in June.

§  Support Local Lacrosse Organizations (LLOs)

v  Chapter presently completes all Core activities

v  New US Lacrosse value proposition for members is MVP Tents (local company offering discounts to USL members)

§  Drive Chapter Visibility

v  Chapter presently completes all Core activities

v  CT Chapter had a tent with promotional items at the MLL Semi-Final game at Fairfield University on August 13th.

·        Constituent Representatives

o   Discussion related to constituent groups successes, challenges and needs was ongoing during meeting and many items are captured in minutes

o   Discussion will continue at future meetings

·        Other

o   Thanks to Bob Russell and CONNY for their efforts in bringing MLL Semi-Finals game to Fairfield University and their efforts to continue to support and promote the game of lacrosse in Connecticut.

·        Meeting Decisions and Points of Action

o   Discuss organizing a youth rules interpretation meeting for coaches

o   Discuss grant money for official mentorship program

o   Discuss date, location and format for coaches’ convention

o   Discuss working with HNH on Anti-Bullying Youth Rally

o   Future meeting topics

§  Lacrosse Athlete Development Model (LADM)

§  Youth Leadership Conference (November/December)


Meeting adjourned at 8:55pm



·        CT Chapter initial budget due September 1st

·        Fall CEPs – Waterford, Wallingford, Trumbull

·        CT Lacrosse Hall of Fame – Saturday November 19th – Four Seasons Vazzano’s, Stratford


Next Meeting – Wednesday September 15, 2016 ~ Cheshire High School


CT Chapter Activities, Events and Initiatives 2016


·        Chapter Meetings – monthly – November, December, January, February, March, August (CSB)

·        Completed process of incorporation as a recognized entity in state of Connecticut

·        Revised CT Chapter By-Laws and adopted on August 18, 2016

·        Revised CT Lacrosse Hall of Fame procedures, committee and timeline

·        Created partnership with Dick’s Sporting Goods

·        Created guidelines for selecting and indoor lacrosse facility/league

·        Activities and Events:

§  Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony and Dinner – November 19th (Scheduled)

§  Induction of seven new members to Hall of Fame

·        Tim Knowles - Player

·        Tyler Hardy - Player

·        Graham Harden - Player

·        Jenn Warde Meres - Player

·        Carl Taylor – Contributor

·        Bob Russell – Contributor

·        Lisa Parsons - Coach

§  Coaches Education Programs – Level 1 – Milford March 5th, Vernon March 6th

                                                                 Level 2 – Stamford February 7th

                                                                                                            Learn to Play Clinic – Middletown April 3rd

§  Women’s National Tournament – May 28-29th – CT Chapter teams – held try-outs at Choate and three teams competed in tournament at Lehigh University

§  Girls Super Junior Game – June 16th – Cheshire Academy

·        Awareness and Visibility Initiative

§  Attended Coastal Jam (NECLAX) Tournament and MLL Semi-Finals Game (Fairfield University) to distribute promotional items and US Lacrosse information

§  CT Chapter Grant Awards

§  Cromwell Youth Lacrosse

·        Diversity and Inclusion Grant

§  Chapter 126 Sports & Fitness Wheelchair Lacrosse Program (Executive Board Grant)

·        Urban Lacrosse Alliance –

§  New London Youth Lacrosse

·        Soft Stick Grant Recipient –

§  Ridgefield Academy

§  Milford Youth Lacrosse

§  Preston Public Schools

§  Stratford Sterling House Lacrosse

§  US Lacrosse Girls All-America Selection Committee

§  Supported umpire training and mentoring



US Lacrosse Chapter Expectation Matrix (CES 2.0) – June 2016



Tier 4

Education & Training

Support Local Lacrosse Organizations (LLOs)


·        Host/Support Level 1 CEP Clinics*

·        Host/Support Level 2 CEP Clinics*

·        Communicate officials training dates

·        Support appropriate training of officials



·        Host/Support Learn to Play Clinics

·        Provide Convention Scholarships (Coaches)

·        Provide Convention Scholarships (Officials)

·        Provide New Officials Scholarships

·        Work with Private Enterprise

·        Host USL LAREDO/LEAD Officials Clinic*

·        Provide $ to LOA for official’s evaluations

·        Host a Local Coaches Convention

·        Inquire about Level 3 Clinic / Potential

·        Other


·        Communicate, Listen and Support of LLO's

·        Communicate USL Programs/Services

·        Host CSB Meeting

·        Communicate USL Value Proposition

·        Promote Gold Stick Best Practices



·        Attend LLO Meetings

·        Collaborate on Gold Stick Opportunities

·        Engage Private Enterprise Organizations (when appropriate)

·        Other

Fuel the Growth of the Sport

Drive Chapter Visibility


·        Connect w/National Grant Recipients

·        Support LLO grant applications

·        Support D&I Programs

·        Run Chapter Grant Program



·        Work w/ Community Programs

·        Host an Intro to Lacrosse Day

·        Other


·        Update & Maintain Chapter Website

·        Communicate All-American Awards

·        Attend Local Events/Tournaments

·        Send Regular Newsletters

·        *Host Hall of Fame

·        Update & Maintain Social Media Accounts



·        Host LLO/State Championships

·        Host HS All-Star Game

·        Attend MLL Event w/ Chapter Tent

·        Develop Community Partnerships

·        Support a Charity Event

·        Celebrate All-Americans

·        Other